'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Leaves Pat Sajak Stunned With Impressive 2-Letter Solve

February 28, 2020

A puzzle solve that’s truly impressive.

Taya Somes was unstoppable on “Wheel of Fortune” on Wednesday.

The Washington business owner and mother of five brought her A-game to the show and did the unthinkable when she guessed a 17-letter puzzle with only 2 consonants available.

After guessing an “N” and “T” in the phrase category, the puzzle read "_ - _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - N _ - _ T_ _ _.”

While most contestants would keep on guessing even if they thought they knew the answer, Taya went straight for the kill informing host Pat Sajak that she'd like to “try to solve.”

Her request took the longtime host by surprise, but he didn’t stand in her way. “Of course,” he said.

If he was shocked by her risky decision, he was even more shocked when Taya answered correctly offering up, “A PLACE LIKE NO OTHER.”

“That is correct,” Sajak informed her before jokingly imitating another contestant’s shocked and impressed facial expression.

While Taya could have utilized a few more wheel spins to add to her total winnings, it seems that pulling the trigger and taking a gamble paid off as she went home with $650 and an $8,000 trip to Peru.

Taya’s big risk even impressed Twitter users who called the moment “one heck of a solve.”

She may have lost the bonus round, but after that impressive solve, Taya will forever be one of the most memorable “Wheel of Fortune” champs!

Taya also upstaged Jessie Rebhan, the middle-school teacher from Palmetto Bay, FL, who shocked viewers when she guessed just four of the 13 letters for the puzzle whose clue was simply “What are you doing?” and successfully solved the puzzle.

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