Airbnb Takes First-Time Action Against a Guest for Throwing Unauthorized Party

August 12, 2020

In a first for the home sharing company, Airbnb is taking action against a guest for hosting an unauthorized party at a home in Sacramento County, California.

The party got out of hand, leaving three people shot and wounded. The company said on Wednesday that it would be moving forward with initiating legal proceedings against the guest, the AP reports.

The company is seeking monetary damages which they plan to donate to organizations that fight gun violence in the Sacramento area.

The shootings remain under investigation, according to a Sacramento County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the company to crack down on parties being thrown in other people's homes. Airbnb has also promised to verify of its listings for guests looking for a place to stay.

The stricter party policies began late last year when five people were shot and killed at an unauthorized party in Orinda, California. They have since banned "open invite" parties at any properties.

Airbnb has begun to screen "high risk" bookings, which include bookings that are made at large properties for just one night.

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