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Hear the Stones when they were young and hungry.

By Hayden Wright

When the Rolling Stones were humble upstarts bumming around London, they achieved fame thanks to appearances on BBC programs like Saturday ClubTop GearRhythm and Blues and The Joe Loss Pop Show. Those early performances contained songs that were never recorded or released commercially, but helped build a following that exploded by the mid-60s. The Stones will immortalize those formative years on a new compilation titled On Air, featuring never-before-heard songs and some Rolling Stones classics.

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The songs have been remastered by a special process called “audio source separation.” This means the radio audio has been de-mixed and each element isolated, so that each one can be “rebuilt, rebalanced and remixed to achieve a fuller, more substantial sound.”

The deluxe edition of On Air features 32 tracks in total, from ” (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” to “The Spider and the Fly” and three Chuck Barry covers. Even die-hard Rolling Stones fans may not recognize some song titles from the full track list, since they’ve all but disappeared from the band’s catalog until now.

As part of the announcement, the Stones have released “Come On” from a 1963 appearance on the Saturday Club broadcast. Check it out below.

1. Come On, Saturday Club, 1963
2. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction , Saturday Club, 1965
3. Roll Over Beethoven, Saturday Club, 1963
4. The Spider And The Fly, Yeah Yeah, 1965
5. Cops And Robbers, Blues in Rhythm, 1964
6. It’s All Over Now, The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964
7. Route 66, Blues in Rhythm, 1964
8. Memphis, Tennessee, Saturday Club, 1963
9. Down The Road Apiece, Top Gear, 1965
10. The Last Time, Top Gear, 1965
11. Cry To Me, Saturday Club, 1965
12. Mercy, Mercy, Yeah Yeah, 1965
13. Oh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’), Saturday Club, 1965
14. Around And Around, Top Gear, 1964
15. Hi Heel Sneakers, Saturday Club, 1964
16. Fannie Mae, Saturday Club, 1965
17. You Better Move On, Blues in Rhythm, 1964
18. Mona, Blues In Rhythm, 1964

Bonus Tracks (Deluxe)

19. I Wanna Be Your Man, Saturday Club, 1964
20. Carol, Saturday Club, 1964
21. I’m moving On, The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964
22. If You Need Me, The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964
23. Walking The Dog, Saturday Club, 1964
24. Confessin’ The Blues, The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964
25. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Top Gear, 1965
26. Little By Little, The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964
27. Ain’t That Loving You Baby, Rhythm  And Blues, 1964
28. Beautiful Delilah, Saturday Club, 1964
29. Crackin’ Up, Top Gear, 1964
30. I Can’t Be Satisfied, Top Gear, 1964
31. I Just Want to Make Love To You, Saturday Club, 1964
32. 2120 South Michigan Avenue, Rhythm and Blues, 1964


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