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Pizza is one of the most delicious guilty pleasure foods in existence, that is a known fact. People from all over the world LOVE it and prepare it in thousands of different ways, all delicious in their own light.

Some like it with pineapples, some with bacon, and others with Squid ink sauce and marshmallows. YES, You read that right, SQUID INK SAUCE AND MARSHMALLOWS! Just when I thought it was impossible to make pizza unappealing, I stumbled upon a picture on social media that made me LITERALLY sick to my stomach.

This is why I decided to share the 5 Pizzas No One Should Ever Consider Eating, take a look.

5. Happy Meal Pizza – I know more than one person would actually consider trying this, it is you favorite value menu items from McDonalds and throwing them together on top of dough and submerging them in cheese. Not cool.

4. Pizza Burger – Don’t jump into conclusion, I know someone will fight me on this one BUT come on folk, there is no need to ever mix burgers and pizza in this way. Harmburger meat? sure. An actual burger is just a bit much.

3. Scorpion Pizza – WHY?!?! What is so wrong with Pepperoni, ham, and sausage?

2. Gummy Bears and Mustard – I feel like someone is actually TRYING HARD to make pizza unappealing. I cannot believe anyone actually eats and enjoys this odd combination of flavors. This is not even counting the rest of the ingredients that are mixed in. So gross.

1. Squid Ink and Marshmellow Pizza – No, no, no, no, and no. Then again, that is just me. I cannot picture myself coming anywhere near this pizza. Simple as that.

Would you consider trying any of these pizzas? Let me know in the links below.

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