Not all my theory because obviously a panel of experts agree.  I read a story yesterday where they said in the last ten minutes of the show or so they would be able to say who killed JonBenet.

Spoiler alert


Now, if you haven’t seen the show stop reading this post right now and go watch it. If you have seen it. Do you agree?

Burke Ramsey was a young boy at the time of his sister’s death and to be honest, in the 20 years since JonBenet’s death I have never heard his name brought out as a suspect, his parents have always been under the light of suspicion but I had never heard Burke’s name. Until I watched the show.

JonBenet’s dad still is sticking to his story that an intruder broke into the house while they were out on Christmas day and waited in the basement and that is who killed JonBenet.

However, when you go through the evidence on the show, the reenactments it doesn’t add up.  Trust me. Go watch the show.

Some of the biggest things that stuck out to me on the show were the window in the basement where they say the intruder came in through. There were cobwebs on that window that would have been whipped away had an intruder come through the window. Those cobwebs  were in tact and not touched. JonBenet’s father is the one who found her. The FBI profiler on the show says that in the case of “staged murders” it is the person who placed the body who “finds a way” be the one who discovers her body. The police told John Ramsey they were going to search the house from top to bottom and that is when he headed directly for the basement with a friend and there were rumors, that before he turned on the light, he announced he had found her.

I don’t know if that means he’s guilty, but I can tell you, it doesn’t look good.

How does Burke play into this?

What I saw on the show is that he had two weeks after his sister’s death he said he was going on with his life. I have lost a sibling. Tragically lost a sibling, you don’t go back to everyday life. You are still numb at that point.  You wouldn’t be smiling in an interview.

Also, he had a history or violence when it came to JonBenet. A photographer said he had hit her in the face with a golf club before. Also, the train set in the basement, a toy train, they said the toy could match up with the injuries on JonBenet’s back that investigators said at the time could have been a taser. A taser used to subdue JonBenet but when that taser was used on an adult it didn’t subdue him at all. It jolted him and the analysts said that JonBenet would have screamed out.

So what happened that night?

Here’s the theory.

Burke was downstairs eating a bowl of pineapple. JonBenet got hungry and came downstairs and as a playful child, took a piece of Burke’s pineapple. By the way we know it was pineapple because there are photos in the evidence box of the kitchen table. Although Burke says he was in bed asleep and didn’t hear anything because he is a heavy sleeper and never hears anything. So, JonBenet grabs that pineapple, it sets Burke off and he hits in her the back of the head with the flashlight, also seen in the evidence photos and also matches up with the wound on her head.

That is when the parents realized what was going and that is when THEY wrote the letter. When the mom called 911.

Now, I’m not saying it is true because Burke said he didn’t do it.


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