Winter Storm Update: School Closures
By CoCo Dominguez

If you know me, you know I LOVE boxing.

Some of the fights I’ve been to include…Mike Tyson vs McNeeley in Vegas (2Pac days lol), George Foreman vs Axel Schulz, Juan Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao 2 and most recently Marcos Maidana vs Adrien Broner in San Antonio. First of all I’ll just say this, I believe Floyd Mayweather is going to beat Maidana. I’m a Mayweather fan and I don’t care what he does out of the ring, his skills as a boxer is what matters when it comes to the sport.

This fight in particular, however is funny to me. We know Adrien Broner to be a beginners’ version of Floyd, his little brother…so to speak. Maidana just beat Broner in what was probably the most embarrassing fight I’ve ever had to watch! Even Tyson biting off Holyfield’s ear wasn’t on that level (although that was shocking at the time, ha! Regardless…that was still in the violent sense of boxing, not in the way Broner behaved like a little bia bia lol) Broner’s behavior in that ring was belittling to the sport of boxing. I believe that’s why Floyd is fighting him, to come back and beat him for Broner! Trust me when I tell you that people were throwing cups and drinks at Broner as he was exiting the arena in San Antonio, it was pretty bad. I think revenge is a big factor here although I’m sure they may be more to this but initially that’s what came to mind. Not to take anything away from Maidana but Maidana is going to have to be able to land on Mayweather…which is usually the problem most of his opponents, he’s too quick.

This is the 3rd fight of the six-fight, 30 month, pay-per-view deal with Showtime Networks that Mayweather signed on for. On Wednesday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission released contract figures showing Mayweather is guaranteed $32 million and Maidana $1.5 million.

As long as Mayweather focuses on the fight and do what he know hows to do, he should pull out the win. 46-0? I say yes.

Check Out CoCo’s story on the Canelo/Mayweather Press Conference.

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