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Ke$ha will be coming to a living room near you soon as she just revealed she’ll have her own TV show. Named My Crazy Beautiful Life, the series will air on MTV.

“It’s me and my brother and one of his friends following me around with a camera for two years,” Ke$ha told MTV’s Nikki & Sara.

We can only imagine what trouble Ke$ha got into while filming this show. Here’s five things we hope to see.

1. Ke$ha Peeing In A Plant

The “Die Young” singer is incredibly open about all the things she does.

“I took a piss in a plant and then I put it in somebody else’s dressing room,” Ke$ha told Nikki & Sara. We don’t believe her. This is something we just need to see for ourselves.

2. Kittens

“I just like them more than people,” Ke$ha says.

After plenty of grossness on her show (like seeing her pee in a plant) we’ll need some cuteness to even things out. Who could shut off the TV with adorable kittens anyway?

3. Sex With a Ghost

Ke$ha doesn’t shy away from talking about her sex life. One song on her new album “Supernatural” is about having sex with a ghost. We’re not really sure how this is possible so we’d like Ke$ha to show us herself. Are there heat lamps involved? Does she wear Night Vision Goggles? How does this work?

4. Other Really Weird Rock Stars

Ke$ha’s worked with everyone from Iggy Pop to the Flaming Lips on her new album Warrior and we’re sure there were some interesting if not intoxicating times in the studio. Bring on the shenanigans!

5. Lot Of Jack

Don’t you want to see the party animal doing what she sings about best? Does she really wake up some mornings with a bottle of Jack? Or, does she just pass out on her bed like the rest of us?

-Annie Reuter,


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